June 2024 Schedule

Please see the visual schedule at the bottom of the page for other changes and information. (Beginners note B* classes!) This month has a truncated schedule due to a conference and family vacation. Details are on the visual schedule below.


Beginner Review

Join us to work on nailing down your Tan Tui, 16 step, 20 step, or Chujiquan. We’ll be doing some form tuning for the first hour. If you’re new, we’ll spend time getting you up to speed and teaching basics. (*B)

(All levels)

5-5.50pm WCFS or Zoom


For the second hour of class, we’ll practice applications ranging from open hand to sword to staff. Activities range from basic flow drills to step sparring to free sparring for more capable students. (B*)

(All levels)

6-6.50 pm WCFS or Zoom



Bagwork & Conditioning

Want to learn how to hit a bag, improve your punching and kicking, and get ripped? This is the class for you. Although this is typically our longer, more intense class, it’s open to all levels, and if you need to catch a breath, it’s fine. (B*)

(All levels)

5-5.50 pm WCFS or Zoom


In this class we will be working on basics, push-hands and various forms including 24 and 32 form taijiquan. We are also working on San Cai Jian (straightsword) with more advanced students.

6-6.50 pm WCFS or Zoom


Mobility and Tumbling

This class focuses on basic strength building, breakfalls, and tumbling skills ranging from rolls, dive rolls, and cartwheels to aerial skills such as front tucks, butterflies, and handsprings. Space is provided for those who wish to work basics or forms of any level – and coaching is provided as needed. (B*)

(All levels)

9.00am-10.30am WCFS

Bow Stance Punch

All Levels Forms

We’re reviewing this month at whatever level you’re at. If you’re new, we’ll help you learn basics, and if you’re more experienced you’ll work on whatever you need. Light applications may be introduced in this class to help students better understand forms.

10.30-11.30am WCFS or Zoom


This class will focus primarily on Changquan related applications, but may also be used to review other skills (Dui Gunshu, Dui Chuji, etc) as needed. Light sparring and padwork is also par for the course.


11.30am-12.00pm WCFS or Zoom

B* – Beginners absolutely should attend these classes if possible to ensure they get a strong foundation in forms, applications, striking, breakfalls, and conditioning.

Zoom classes are online only

WCFS classes are at West Chester Friends School

Blended classes are both online and at WCFS

Schedule for June 2024

Two person Chujiquan with former student and black sash Mark Poletti.

Tentative schedule for July 2024