December 2021 Schedule

Given COVID concerns even at this late date, we ask that you contact us prior to showing up.

Note the time changes for Saturday classes after December 18th due to the holidays.



This class introduces 16 Step Gunshu (staff play) and applications including basic blocking, parrying, attacks, and footwork. It is appropriate for intermediate on up (or equivalent experience).

5-6pm WCFS+Blended

Bow Stance Punch


Here we cover every thing from kicking and punching basics, to Tan Tui, basic forms. As students improve we begin work on application of techniques.

6-7pm WCFS+Blended


Intermediate Taijiquan

So you’ve got the 24 form down? Then join us for the 32 on up. This is the class where we start seriously discussing application

7-8pm WCFS+Blended



Bagwork & Conditioning

Want to learn how to hit a bag, improve your punching and kicking, and get ripped? This is the class for you. An expanded class will return in September.

5-6pm via Zoom

Beginning & Intermediate Review

This class will focus on review of forms ranging from 16 Step Changquan to Chujiquan to Lianbuquan, Gongliquan, and Shi Tzi Tang dependent on who is there and their needs.

6-7pm via Zoom



Advanced: Compulsory Changquan

Do you want more of a challenge than just kicking and punching? Are you working on your aerial techniques and jumps? This class covers the 1990s era compulsory changquan form. (last class December 18 due to holidays)

11am-12pm WCFS+Blended

Review & Application

This class focuses on foot work, timing, and more advanced technique needed to integrate kicking, punching, locking, and throwing. Additionally, some weeks we will cover topics like jumping and combination kicking in forms. (note day/time change to Sunday 1pm on December 19 through January 1)

12-1pm WCFS+Blended


Beginner Taijiquan

If you are interested in starting Taijiquan for health and wellness (or just want to improve your longfist via Taiji!), this class is for you. We are currently working on the 24 form. (note day/time change to Sunday 2pm on December 19 through January 1)

1-2pm WCFS+Blended

Zoom classes are online only

WCFS classes are at West Chester Friends School

Blended classes are both online and at WCFS

Two person Chujiquan with former student and black sash Mark Poletti.