June 2022 Schedule

Given COVID concerns even at this late date, we are (still) requiring in person attendees to be vaccinated, and if you are eligible for a booster to have received it. Masking is still required for in person classes held inside until further notice. There will be no scheduled class on Saturday, June 18, and Sunday, June 19. Also, on Wednesday, June 8th I will be helping to run the Gait & Clinical Movement Analysis Society Conference and as such, there is no class that evening.




Are you just starting, or are you more experienced? In either case, this class is for you. We will work on either the 24 or 32 standard forms and help you understand proper positioning for effective transmission of force.

1-1:50pm WCFS or Zoom

Open Practice

Need to review something and want some feedback, then come on by. After warmups, this class is more loosely structured to provide everyone with the space they need for self-practice.

2-2.50pm WCFS or Zoom


20 Step/Dui Chujiquan

We’re working on 20 step review as warmup, and then putting together Chujiquan into the two person form. If you haven’t learned 20 step, we’re teaching it.

5-5.50pm WCFS or Zoom


Lianbuquan is sometimes taught as a beginner form. Here we teach it at the early intermediate level. Come to refresh your knowledge, learn application, or learn the form for the first time. We are finishing this up, so for the second part of the class we’ll work on applications and breakfalls.

6-6.50 pm WCFS or Zoom



Bagwork & Conditioning

Want to learn how to hit a bag, improve your punching and kicking, and get ripped? This is the class for you. Although this is typically our longer, more intense class, it’s open to all levels, and if you need to catch a breath, it’s fine.

5-5.50 pm via Zoom

Bow Stance Punch

Online Open Forms

In this class we’ll focus on shoring up your Lianbuquan, Gongliquan, 32 Changquan, or Zhongjiquan. Other forms by request, and drop by questions from all levels welcome!

6-6.50 pm via Zoom




Get ready for the day’s training by getting a good warmup followed by dynamic stretching to improve your flexibility.

11-11.30pm WCFS or Zoom

Tan Tui/Basics

Just starting out, or do you need more work on basics (really, everyone does). Come out to this class to drill basic technique, learn the footwork and bodywork that makes Longfist what it is. This is a half-hour class designed to lead into the following class.

11.30am-12pm WCFS or Zoom

Staff/Saber Application

We’re combining the weapons application class to make room for our advanced class. We’ll polish up your forms as needed, and continue in helping you to learn the angles.

12-12.50pm WCFS or Zoom

Advanced Class

We’re working on drilling Intermediate and/or Compulsory Changquan in this hour. Whereas in the past we have spent time learning these forms, this class will focus on making you better.

1-1.50pm WCFS or Zoom

Zoom classes are online only

WCFS classes are at West Chester Friends School

Blended classes are both online and at WCFS

Two person Chujiquan with former student and black sash Mark Poletti.