We teach a variety of Chinese Longfist (Changquan) styles ranging from traditional Northern Shaolin Longfist, Tienshan Pai, Tan Tui, and Contemporary Changquan. While we stress precision in technique and form, we also strive to communicate practical application. Classes are offered in both online only and in blended formats.

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Taijiquan (T’ai Chi)

Our taijiquan practice focuses first on health and wellness, but for those who are interested, we make the connection to martial arts via push hands, qin-na (locking) practice, and shuai-jiao (throwing). Students start with taijiquan basics before moving on to 8 and 24 step forms. More accomplished students may do the 32 or 42 standard forms before moving to weapon practice. Classes are offered in blended format (online via Zoom and limited in person)


Although our kungfu and taiji classes will certainly help get you in shape, you might be wanting a bit more. We have two fitness class offerings, a bagwork and conditioning class which is more martial arts oriented, and a general fitness class involving bandwork, stretching, and calisthenics. Both classes are offered via Zoom only.


Prior to COVID-19 we had a thriving kids program, and we are looking forward to bringing it back. Unfortunately, since under 12 year olds cannot currently be vaccinated and are still at considerable risk of contracting COVID or experiencing more severe COVID, and since the Delta and other variants are starting to surge in this area as well as across the nation, we are not, for the moment bringing back the in person kids program. We will post both here and in the blog when we will bring back kids classes.

Our experience in the lockdown has shown that some kids are able to thrive in the online classes, but often kids are Zoomed out from school and unable to focus without an order sibling or adult present with them during class.


Online classes (via Zoom) are either $5/class or $50/month

In person classes are likewise either $5/class or $50/month

Attending BOTH Online and In person classes is $5/class or $70/month.