Now that we’re back from Florida, and the COVID counts are coming down, it looks like […]
Sunflowers under a blue sky
I’m publishing here part of a dialog I’ve been having with Siim Randoja (translated into English) […]
Sunflowers under a blue sky
On February 24, Russian forces invaded Ukraine in a move reminiscent of the great powers of […]
March 2022
It’s almost Spring, and Daylight Savings Time just just about upon us. But best of all, […]
We’re baaack! The COVID numbers here in Chester County are finally going down to early December […]
January Schedule
As we roll into January, we’re taking a bit of a break from in person classes for some health related reasons. The first is personal and related to a family member who needs some at home care due to a surgery. The second is COVID related. The numbers are going through the roof, and it just doesn’t make sense to possibly add to the spread. This post will look a bit more at mask limitations and how this led to the decision to go online, discuss home training, and at the very end get to the month’s schedule.
Chester County Case Count
(for those wondering why this is on a martial arts website – here’s what I do […]
As we move into December, we have a bunch of unfinished business with staff (see for […]
Since we are now working on building students’ longstaff abilities up from scratch post-pandemic (?) after […]
As we pass into November, we have some schedule changes to announce at OpenSource Wushu. The […]