We’re baack!

Given the chaos at the end of last month with COVID in the house, and the aftermath of my mother’s death last week, I’m not pushing any schedule changes this month.  That way if any of you have any more feedback about a better schedule for your needs, you can let me know.  Likewise, we’re not taking any of our usual weekend breaks since we’ve missed class, both at the end of last month, and also due cancellations due to my dealing with my late mother’s affairs.

So where are we?

(NB! Many links below will only work if you are logged in and at the appropriate level)

Beginners should keep coming on Wednesday nights to review forms like 16 Step, 20 Step, and Chujiquan so that these forms become automatic and can be performed without thinking.  Likewise, beginners can stay for the second Wednesday class in order to start learning some applications and sparring skills.  Friday’s first class, bagwork, is also appropriate for this level as it will help with striking skills including foot and hand positioning with basic kicking and punching.  Finally, the Saturday class starting at 11am involves work with Tan Tui, our most basic of forms as well as understanding its application.  Since we all need to learn to fall down safely, the 11.30am class on tumbling is also a great beginner class to attend.

Intermediate practitioners can, of course, come to any of the beginner classes.  A note on this – I teach each class to the individuals who are there.  If you are a beginner in an application class, you will work on the more basic details of a technique, whereas an intermediate or advanced student will work on that same technique in a more sophisticated way.  Don’t neglect these classes because you know more.  The other key classes for intermediate practitioners are Saturdays at noon when we are fine tuning Gongliquan, and Open Forms on Sunday at 2pm.  In the first case, as people improve their form, we can start in on some applications – so long as the form is being performed without hesitation.  In Open Forms, you can come and work on whatever you’d like, and get advice on what to improve.  Some intermediate practitioners with staff experience can stay for the third hour of class on Saturday and work on two person staff.

Advanced practitioners can do all prior classes, but also have a Friday night class at 6pm in which we are working on Er Lu Mai Fu.  We continue with this tonight starting work on Section 3 and reviewing the rest.

Taijiquan players will be working on 24-Step choreography as we’ve been doing for several months as well as applications of this form as people are ready.

The full schedule is listed below, and the website will be updated shortly to reflect any small changes.

I look forward to seeing you all in class as you can make it in!

Happy Halloween!

Sifu Tim


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