Now that we’re back from Florida, and the COVID counts are coming down, it looks like we’re getting more and more of you coming in person. We are still masking, but you can move down a level to surgical masks while indoors for the time being. If the weather is nice and we’re outdoors, you can go mask free. All in person participants are still required to be vaccinated for COVID.

Our schedule this month is more or less the same as last month. We have some unfinished business with Chujiquan. At the end of last month, we technically finished the form, but a number of you are still a bit iffy on the details. We want to shore these up and get you feeling more confident. Additionally, we started playing a number of applications with Chuji including forward and back sweeps as well as breakfalls and rolling, since if you are being swept, it’s nice to be able to fall down safely. As people feel more confident with this form, we’ll move on with the two person version while still working applications of the techniques outside of that context.

Some of you are also working on Lianbuquan. We’re only about halfway through the choreography at this point – but we’re working on power mechanics and applications as we go – so hopefully this will help you to do better whether you are interested in performance or application.

On weekends we’ve been doing more work with staff and saber. With staff we’ve been trying to cultivate your situational awareness with multiperson drills as well as the usual two person flow drills. We will probably also do some review of 16 step staff in that class. In saber, we are likewise about halfway through the form and moving slowly forward. Again, now that we’re back, we’ve been playing some applications, and we will continue to do so this month.

Beginners (and all levels, really) should note the Chujiquan class on Wednesdays, the bagwork/conditioning class on Friday, and the first hour of class (stretching and then Tan Tui) on Saturday. We are not just doing forms in these classes, but are working on blocking, footwork, and other key application essentials, so it’s worth your while to come and interact.

Sunday classes are under attended at this point, but we do have some takers. Unfortunately, it’s not possible for me to have an in person class on other days, so this is what we’ve got. Consider coming then if you want to do Taijiquan (all levels) or for in person open practice and review. Fridays at 6pm we have the online version of this review class, which has been well attended of late.

Despite the fact that we’re doing much more in person, we understand that for some of the Zoom classes are still working, so there is no plan to jettison them in the near future.

All the best,

Sifu Tim

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