Since we are now working on building students’ longstaff abilities up from scratch post-pandemic (?) after having little or no room to practice staff indoors, I figured it was time to dust off some old posts so that our latest students could benefit.

Years ago, we started documenting a number of similarities between different staff styles with the intent of better understanding our own style. Although one likes to believe that ones style holds all the answers, in reality, no matter how complete a style that is studied, there are always blind spots brought on by tradition or by ones teacher. This is unavoidable since there is not enough time in the day to really practice everything. As such, it is also impossible to truly learn everything a style has to offer. Martial arts teaching is like a game of telephone where the message is slightly changed with each communication. So comparison of styles often helps one to better understand what is presented in your own favorite, but which may have been lost to time.

Rather than just copy in the old blog posting here’s a link to it. If you continue further back to older posts, you’ll find some other posts of interest about staff. Enjoy!


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