As we pass into November, we have some schedule changes to announce at OpenSource Wushu. The most obvious one is that we’re putting Intermediate Changquan to bed for a bit to focus on staff. We’ve not done weapons place since May of this year, and I know from talking with some of you that you are itching to do some more. We’re starting with 16 staff, and this class will not only teach you this form, but also help you with some of the key basic long staff applications: blocks, parries, strikes, and so on. We’ll introduce a few flow drills as well. While this class can be done remotely, you will need some room, as this is a long weapon. Students who are intermediate on up OR students who have 6 months to a year of experience from elsewhere are welcome.

Tim & Jake doing staff sparring cerca 2015.

The second change is that we’re swapping the days on which the Beginner class and the applications class occur as it seems we’ll get better beginner attendance by doing this. So on Wednesday nights from 6-6.50pm, we’ll do beginner classes warming up with Tan Tui (probably 1-5 at this point), and introducing 16 step, including some applications. On Saturdays at noon, we’ll have the applications class. Recently we’ve been looking at a number of sweeps, and we will continue to do so, but we will also follow up regarding 16 step applications. The goal is to build up your application ‘library’ including distancing, footwork, and hand techniques so that you are better able to analyze techniques moving forward. Additionally, we’ll start in with some of our step sparring drills. For those who are a bit worried about contact, remember that we think of in-class sparring drills as conversations rather than arguments. You should chat with your partner about what YOU are comfortable with so as to be able to learn without feeling too stressed out. (If heavy contact is your thing, I have some buddies teaching in the area who would be more than happy to oblige you. We just don’t do it here.)

The advanced crew will continue with Compulsory Changquan. We’ve finished section 3 and are now working on section 4. It is likely that we will continue working on this form as a class through December this year, and then move to something else come January. If time allows in January, we may start having a ‘team practice’ for intermediate and advanced students who wish to focus on specific forms practice in order to make a give form much better.

Friday nights will continue to be online, and we will keep doing our bagwork class at 5pm, and our Beginner/Intermediate review at 6pm. This latter class has been ‘cozy’ of late with only a few of you coming. The good news is that we have been doing forms and techniques by request, almost like an online office-hour. But it would be nice to get more folks involved in this as we would then be able to review any problematic techniques from earlier classes.

Unlike prior years, there is no Book Fair, so we will have class the week prior to Thanksgiving. Instead, we will take off the Friday and Saturday immediately following Thanksgiving so that people can have family time.

We are highly anticipating the CDC’s decision regarding COVID vaccines for 5-11 year olds since this means that we may be able to restart our kids programs soon, possibly in January. However, we are also looking forward to the return, in person, of some of our kids who have been remote this whole time, but otherwise attending classes and attempting to learn.

In other news, Mateo and I have been working on making some Taijiquan application videos. We’re going to try to up our game on these, so I can’t tell you exactly when they’ll be ready, but we hope to have the first batch of them posted in our online Library by month’s end.

All the best,

Sifu Tim



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