OpenSource Wushu 

West Chester Kungfu and Taijiquan
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What is Wushu

Wushu is the Chinese word for martial arts. OpenSource Wushu specializes in teaching Chinese martial arts including modern and classical wushu-kungfu and taijiquan. Wushu training improves health, fitness, flexibility, strength, body composition, and most of all, confidence. A positive attitude developed through the training combining discipline respectfulness, determination, and humility improves the mind and is beneficial to all everyday situations.

About Us

If you are looking for a more personal martial arts experience that stresses personal development, quiet competance, and individuality, we may be what you are looking for. Unlike many schools that focus on herding people towards blackbelt, we see martial arts as a lifetime activity that is useful in health and self-defense. Likewise, we reject the industry trend of contracts and bill on a monthly basis instead. Our classes are at West Chester Friends School and are for ages 5 and up.